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A new new new (new?) Blog #

Randall Munroe, among others, has noted the chronic problem of content producers who can’t commit. xkcd comic #621

I’m not going to try and promise I’ll post a lot, or even that this blog won’t go stale, disappear, and maybe be replaced by yet another in 2 years – history shows this is likely.

I do hope you find something interesting here that tickles your mind and causes you to stop and ponder, if only for a moment. In times like these, that is a great accomplishment for writers; now we have to fight for your attention with literally the entire world.

So if you are reading this, thank you. You could be watching cat videos, Minecraft let’s plays, or doom-scrolling your drug social media feed of choice.

Here, in brief, is what I’d like to offer you. If you think that any of this sounds interesting, I invite you to bookmark this site, subscribe to the RSS feed (yes those still exist) or just set a calendar event a couple months out to “go see what Quentin wrote, if anything”.

While Supplies Last #

On this blog, I will write about the utterly, painfully mundane. I may write about trying to color match the carpet in my apartment.

I will write about technology. Its in my nature to buzz around the newest gadgets like a moth around lamps.

I will probably write a few semi-serious reviews of stuff. This may be books, my newest headphones, my car, or the local asphalt conditions. Practicing distilling an opinion into something presentable is a worthwhile endeavor.

I will more than likely complain or obsess over language. Upfront, I will state: I am pro-oxford-comma, I think split infinitives are fine, and in my opinion you are almost certainly over-using adverbs.

I will vent. Its like writing a diary, but with the added excitement of cutting-edge global networks taking the hassle out of the old-school “sneaking into my room while I’m distracted, finding the journal, and trying to giggle silently”.

All the best,